O Cantino De Portugal | Brixton

Drinks at O Cantinho De Portugal


Sparkling Juice
"Sumol" Granje / Pineapple/ Passion Fruit

Nectar & 100% Juice "Compal
Oranje / Pineapple / Tropical fruit / pear / Peach / Apple
Fanta / Santal / Guarana

Coca-cola, Diet Coke, 7Up

Ice Tea
Lemon, Peach, Mango

Sparkling Water "pedras salgadas" 250ml


House Red / White / Verde 175ml


Sagres Bottle 330ml
Super Bock / Cristal Bottle & others 330ml
Sagres Free Alcohol Beer 330ml


Glass 200ml (fino)
Glass 400ml (caneca)

SPIRITS 0.25ml

Macieira / Croft / Constantino / Brandy 1920

Amendoa Amarga/ Beirao/ De Cafe / Aniz

Rosso / Bianco

Ruby / White

Porto Tawny 10 years

Porto Latle Bottle Vintage


House Whisky

Old Whisky

Aguardentes brancas
Aldeia Velha/ S.Domingos

Aguadentes Velhas
Antiga, Alianca Velha, Fim de Seculo


Condessa de Santar Dao White
Grapes: Pncruzado, Cerial-Branco, Arinto. A tribute to a women of courage, embodied in a wine filled with structure and acidity, for those who enjoy savouring the small pleasures in life

Pera Manca Alentejo White
This wine is very rich with imposing flavour of all spice and tropical fruit skins and a touch of lingering oak.

Garrafeira dos Socios Alentejano red
Very Dark Colour with a very new oak nose. Deep, youthful with intense aroma, very bold, good structure, impressive

Cartuxa Reserva Alentejano Red
This is a mature red wine with aromas of red fruits, cedar wood, and liquorice. On the palate it develops powerfully to reveal a rich complexity of aged fruit flavours

Case de Santar T. National Dao red
Deep ruby colour and a lovely bouquet with hints of berries and spices, it expresses fuliness on the palate with an endless after taste

Conde de Santar Dao red
Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Alentejo Preto, Tinto Cao. More than a tribute to a historic figure, a tribute to the region. A wine for great moments

Quinta da Bacalhoa Sado red
Deep and vivid colour with a good concentration of spices, oak and fruit aroma

Quinta da Gaivosa Douro red
Red colour intense flavour of red fruits with slight nuances of spices, given by the wood. Elegant structure and with excellent tannins. Long and fruit finish


House Wine
(also available as Half Bottle}

Terra Del Rei Alenfejo
(also available as Half Bottle}

Reguengos de Monsaraz Alentejo
Defined ruby coiour, fruit and wood aroma

Reguengos Resrva Alentejo
This is a ruby coloured with an involved aroma of spices and raisins, smooth in the mouth

Has a grenade colour, is soft and its bouquet is magnificent

Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Dao
(Also available as a Half Bottle)
Deep red colour, complex fragrance and soft flavours

Cabriz Reserva Dao
A blend of touring National Alfrocheiro and Tinta Roriz slightly sweet chocolaty and berry fruit nose is fairly elegant and smooth red fruit sweetness

Casa de Santar Doc Dao
(Also available as a Half Bottle)
Very smooth on the palace, ripe and delicious. Ideal to be served with cheese and red meat

Casa de Santar Reserva Dao
Taut nose with more of that distinctive minty herbiness

Esporao Monte Velho Alentejo
Selected from ftlentejo grapes, combined in a full flavoured and complex wine

Esporao Defesa Alentejo
The nose displays rich berry fruit with a nice spicy character from the French oak. Lovely density of rich fruit on the palate with herby liquorice edge and firm spicy tannins

Esporao Reserva Alentejo
Ouite a serious style. Deep red colour and complex aroma of ripe fruit and vanilla. The palate is rich well structured with a good depth of fruit. Ideal to be served with red meat or cheese

Dona Ermelinda Doc. Palmela
Red brick core, spice aroma, taste of red fruit with wood being well integrated

Caves De Santa Maria Reserva Douro
Well balanced wine concentrated with intense dried red fruits, soft and smooth tannins

Zimbro Douro
Good Colour a wood is well married, pleasant mature fruit, soft and smooth in the mouth

Calcos do Tanha Reserva Douro
Concentrated smoky, peppery aromas of red berry, citrus peel and forest floor. Soft well balanced flavours include ripe black plum

Quinta do Encontro Colh. Selecionada Bairrada
There is nice balance on the palace, chewy, savour balance on the palate, chewy, savoury berry fruit dominates


House Wine
Also available as a Half Bottle

Terras del Rei

Quinta do Encontro colh.Selecionada Bairrada
Ripe yet aromatic fruit on the nose, following through attractively on the palace, displays oily texture with reasonable weight and acidity on the finish

Esporao Reserva Alentajo
A rich full bodied dry white wine with depth and complexity, Cristal clear, straw colour- flroma, peach and melon fruit with spice oak

Reguengos de Monsaraz Alentejo
This is a citrus coloured with a strong fruit delicate and elegant aroma

Esporao Defesa Alentejo
This has a spicy, perfumed mix of ripe lime and tropical fruit aromas with a full, well balanced fruity with elegant structure

This is Citrus colour, as a young fruity flavour and fresh in taste

Esporao monte velho Alentejo
Selcted from Alenteio grapes, combined in a full flavoured and complex wine

Joao Pires Sado
Produced from a variety of the "Moscatel" grape with a fruity aroma

Cabriz Colheita selecionada Dao
Also available as a Half Bottle

Casa de Santar Dao
Also available as a Half Bottle


Alvarinho del la Deu
Clean aspect, citron colour, graceful flavour with a touch of honey

Alvarinho Muros de Melgado
This excellent produced from the Alvarinho grape with a deep, attractive aroma. Highly enjoyable

Quinta da Aveleda
light, fruity flavoured wine. Low alcohol content and crispness, making it an excellent aperitif

Casal Garcia
Also available as a Half Bottle
Smooth, fresh wine with an aroma which is delicate mildly fruit young and well balanced. Ideal as an aperitif or throughout the meal


Quinta da Cortezia
Unoaked wine to emphasise the aromatic ripe fruit character of touriga national grapes

Esporao Defesa
Vivid pink colour. Aroma cherries and raspberries, fresh, light well balance, fruit palate with some residual sweetness alcohol

Mateus Rose


Quinta do Encontro Bruto (great value)
Raposeira Meio Doce
Raposeira Super Reserva
Murganheira Super Reserve
Murganheira Rose Bruto (excellent)